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Gout is a painful form of arthritis that can progress if left untreated. If you have gout, use this site to coach you through it. Click on a Down to get started!

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What is Gout?
Where does it appear in the body?
Find out the answers and learn more about Gout.
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There’s pain and then there’s GOUT PAIN...
It’s impossible to know what it’s really like until you’ve experienced it for yourself.
Get the facts on Gout pain and attacks.
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Uncontrolled gout can lead to increasingly frequent attacks, and eventually, chronic pain, joint damage, and potentially kidney problems. That’s why tackling gout is so important. Use these strategies to tackle gout.
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Talking to people you know about Gout;
Your doctor, your employer, friends and family... recruit players to your team.
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a new approach to healthy eating

Learn to tackle gout by following a balanced diet and knowing which foods to avoid.

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Build a strong defense against painful gout attacks

Find out why attacks are so painful, what causes them and how to prevent them.

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Find out how well you’re tackling gout

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What are the best tackle strategies?

Find out how to tackle gout

Recent gout attack?

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Coach’s Corner

Our TackleGout coaches are medical experts who conduct research on gout, diagnose gout and treat patients with gout on an ongoing basis. Watch their videos to hear them explain what gout is and how to tackle it. They offer useful information about gout, along with the same advice they tell their own patients.

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